Evening Wishes

D8D13419-6412-48E6-B54D-72FC0B010927At the end of the day,

May you feel thankful for your good moments.

May you feel blessed to have a roof , anything edible, clothing on your back and hope in your heart.

May you feel relieved “this too shall pass”, in these last 12-16 hrs has passed!

May you feel content that you aren’t perfect, but you can only do the best you can.

May your burdens rest on your bedside floor, in the wishes of God (whomever you believe or don’t believe in), to handle them.

May your children be sound asleep, and may they sleep all night through.

May they only ask for a drink half the times, and restroom 2-3.

May the moon remind you that love is beating in your heart, and it keeps your loved ones there.

May your pets not snore, your spouse snore quieter, and the bedbugs be on a permanent vacation 😉

Good Night, Blog World:)


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