When the Day is Done

When the day is done, momma, and you just collapse from it all; it’s ok.

You’ve just spent another 24 hours feeding, changing, chasing, teaching, loving, leading little lives down the road of May 16, 2018.

God knows it takes mighty strength to do it again and again. Up early, preparing meals, arranging appointments, day care, and extra attention when littles are sick. Only you momma are capable of all this requires.

The nurturing spirit, the arms around your neck. When your babies smile at you, or they snuggle next to you, as you settle in before bed. Those are the moments you’ll remember.

So sob if you need too, soak in a bubble bath. Grab your delicious favorite wine… let out the biggest sigh as you sit down… even for just a few minutes, … do what you need to do… do it for you…

because you kicked ass again today momma, and it’s ok to feel otherwise too!

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